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Darts League

No bar is complete without some darts! If you are looking for something fun to do while you’re out with friends, our darts league is the perfect option! Drop on by our late night bar for some great drinks, an energetic atmosphere, and some great games. If karaoke or trivia isn’t really your thing, try your hand at our darts league! Compete with your friends and see who can throw the best! If your friends are beating you, there’s no need to fret; a quick round of drinks from our bar might be just what it takes to bring them down a level or two!

Rum Runner Sports Bar is the number one place in Valdosta, GA top have a good time with friends at night! Come on out, have some drinks, throw some darts, and just have a good time. When you visit Rum Runner Sports Bar, you’ll know you’ve hit the bullseye!